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E. T. Enterprises is a multi-faceted consulting company with expertise in the area of science.  ETE provides services while partnering with school districts, schools, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, students, and educational agencies.

I. Professional Development (PD) Workshops (weekday, weekend, after school)


Description: Professional services designed for teacher and administrators including curriculum writing and standard alignment, disaggregation of data for success tracking; assessment for learning, high yield, and

grouping strategies training; classroom management, campus improvement.


II. Teacher Coaching & Mentoring (TCM) (during the school day)


Description: Designed for teachers and students. Includes modeling of lessons in alignment with pacing calendars, local, state and national standards, student expectations, and ELPs. Provides teacher support,lesson formatting and feedback, content accuracy through hands-on, inquiry-based, and project-based learning that transitions standard lessons to manipulative and cooperative delivery.


III. Semester/Yearly Packages (based on full day, may combine PD, TCM and Tutoring)

 8-10 days

11-15 days

16-20 days

21-25 days

26-30 days

31-35 days

36-40 days

41-45 days

46-50 days


IV. Home School Program

Hourly curriculum for homeschooled students customized to meet their individual needs. Contracts are

tailor-made to meet each individual student at their point of need and at their pace. Support available in

Reading, Math, and Science. Hourly, weekly, monthly and semester packages available.


V. Tutorials

Hourly intervention for struggling students or those that simply want to stay ahead of the game.

• Private sessions for tailor made One-on-One targeted intervention. Contracted directly through student.

• Corporate sessions for schools and public programs. Houursly rate dependent upon contracts terms.




More Services

  • Classroom/Lab Design 

  • Data Analysis 

  • Curriculum Design 

  • Development of Professional Learning Communities 

  • Observe Instruction with Constructive Feedback

  • Campus based training

  • Student Learning Support 

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Classroom Management Strategies

  • Student Tutorials

  • Teacher & Administrator Coaching, Training and Mentoring

  • School Culture and Team Building

  • Assessment Development

  • Train the Trainer Model

  • Classroom Observations and Evaluations

  • Program Evaluation Assessments

  • Curriculum Alignment Design

  • Leadership Performance Coaching

  • Parent Involvement Programs

  • Dropout Prevention

  • College and Career Counseling

  • SAT/ACT Prep




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