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Parent and Administration

"That was the best camp in the world."  After attending two days of school she says, "Ok, when do we go back to sceince camp again?"


-Damiah, age 4



I'm gonna tell all my friends about this camp so they can come next year.


-YaaAnn,  5th grade student


I thought about you the other day when I was taking my Renal Physiology test, because there was one question that involved a simple formula but everyone missed it. (except me and a couple of others) The reason my people missed it was because the teacher wanted to make the problem tougher by shuffling all the units. We pretty much had to convert dl to ml and everyone assumed to divide by 10. Well you know what I did..... "King Henry Died By Drinking Choclate Milk". I tried to explain this to people after the exam and they never even heard of using this acronym before. I thought people were taught this across America.  Mind you the teacher did not teach us how to convert.  It was assumed we knew it already. Lol.  What I learned in grade school and what I learned in your class is still helping me answer questions right in medical school. Thank you for teaching me I really appreciated it...


-Shelter Anayama, Former 8th grade student



Mrs. Rutherford is above being professional and knowledgeable about any science subject matter. Her approach to classroom management is exceptional. Students are always excited to be a part of her learning world... very flexible and understanding.


Daphne Simmons



Lea  and I have partnered for over five years and through our relationship my life has been truly strengthened and enhanced.  She is always a very positive person who has never wavered from her strong beliefs in God. Her knowledge in the area of science is truly a God given gift. Lea continues to help students and teachers experience the greatest success in the area of science in grades 

K - 12.


Doris Trice

Trice Education Resources, Inc.


"Great Presenter!"

E. T. Enterprises’ professional development and workshops were a breath of fresh air.  Hands-on experiences and cognitive learning were great contributors to our students’ academic success.


Lizbeth Allen

Assistant Principal Jean Hines Caldwell Elementary School


My kids had a ball at camp.  30 minutes after leaving you they were wtill talking about science camp.  I do not know what y'all did but my kids are excited!!  We have beans on the windows, and guppies in cups. They cannot wait until tomorrow!

Shundra Canon

WEWK Parent



Fantastic hands-on innovative experiences designed for teachers.


Bonita Morgan

Principal, Jean Hines Caldwell Elementary School


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