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Current Research States: (1) when state assessment scores are less than 49% of the state average, additional support is needed to reinforce the curriculum and (2) when state assessment scores range from 50% to 75% of the state average, additional support is needed to reinforce instruction. Luckily, E.T.Enterprises offers products and services that facilitate initiatives intended to address such situations.

Grouping Strategies

Learning Metrics with Money

Create Homogeneous, Heterogeneous and Random groups in seconds!  

- No more motion commotion

- Eliminate transition confusion

- Reduce transition time tremendously

- No more counting off and forgetting who received what numbers

- Increase instruction and presentation time!



This strategy will 

- Provide a framework for immediate grouping 

- Facilitate mass movement of audience members 

- Provide presenter a random selecting pool for interactive instruction

- Give presenter autonomy over group characteristics

- Eliminates motion commotion



- 1 deck of playing cards

- 13 Table Templates

- 20 Regrouping Signs

- Grouping Strategies Instructions


Price: $25.00 (materials) + $5.00 (shipping) = $30.00


NASA has lost millions of dollars and invaluable resources because of Snafus involving the use of the American System of Measurement vs. The Metric System. Because the curriculum does not directly call for it very often and America is stubborn we still do not teach the metric system consistently in the sciences.  Not only is SI an easier form of measurement but also America is the only country that still does not use it.  Therefore our students are once again disadvantaged as the global world calls on America’s science minds and we fall short yet again.  Here’s to debunking the myth that the SI is hard to teach and learn using a hands-on strategy ready for immediate implementation in the classroom and abroad. This material spans all age groups.   


Ask yourself this assessment question:  What if time went Metric?  What would the world as we know it look like?


Price: $20.00 (materials) + $3.50 (shipping) = $23.50

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The Question Game

Tired of boring assessments and limited ways to check for student understanding in your classroom.  Well look no more.  The Question Game take the “bore” out of boring and reinvigorates your classroom with excitement, healthy competition and quick reinforcements of lessons already learned or introductions to upcoming standards and lessons. 


The Question Game enhances any classroom with:



  • Stimulating learning environment


  • Cooperative groups


  • Manipulatives


  • Immediate feedback for presenter and audience


  • Check for understanding


  • Teacher friendly atmosphere


  • Student centered environment


  • Engages the entire class


  • Differentiated instruction


The Question Game supports Education Initiatives through the following:



  • Marzano’s High Yield Strategies (7 out of 9 in one activity)


  • Identifying similarities and Differences


  • Summarizing and Note Taking


  • Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition


  • Homework and Practice


  • Cooperative Learning


  • Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback


  • Cues Questions and Advance Organizers


Professional Learning Communities:



  • PLC Big Idea 1:  Clarity of Purpose


  • PLC Big Idea 2:  Culture of Collaboration


  • PLC Big Idea 3:  Focus on Results


Classroom Walk Through’s



  • Differentiated instruction


  • Allows for different grouping formats


  • Instruction is learner-focused


  • Highly engaged learners


  • Shows evidence that the teacher is responding to different learning needs



  • Peer tutoring


  • Assessment FOR learning


  • Manipulatives


Price: $20.00 (materials) + $3.50 (shipping) = $23.50

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