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Meet the Owner

Ms. Lea Rutherford

As a first year teacher fresh out of college I found myself struggling to disseminate my college knowledge to eighth grade earth science students.  What I knew and what I was able to teach to them for their understanding were two different things. The science background that I lacked was an even greater concern as the year progressed and the natives grew increasingly restless. Furthermore, I knew that just answering questions from a textbook would not be sufficient for learning all that was expected from the Earth Science Curriculum.  Furthermore, I was bored just assigning book work.  There had to be a better way.

As a second year teacher I was thrust into a leadership position. I was now the new Science Department Chairperson.  In leadership I understand the power of teaching teachers versus teaching students.  Students learn because they have to.  They take away enough to get the grade and a small percentage of them may be impacted enough to enter the science or education field as a result of my tutelage.  Teachers, however, learn because they want to learn.  What teachers take away impacts an exponential amount of students.  That impact and my passion for the science and education fields has motivated me to become a consultant and hence to establish an explosive Mecca for propagating science and educational training in the form of Education Today Enterprises.

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Satisfied ETE Customers


Houston ISD

Almeda Elementary School

Codwell Elementary School

E.O. Smith

Hines Caldwell Elementary School

Montgomery Elementary School

Rucker Elementary School

Fondren Elementary School

Grissom Elementary School

Hobby Elementary School

Milne Elementary School

Hartman Middle School

Madison High School

Sterling High School

Wheatley High School


Formerly North Forest ISD now HISD

Shadydale Elementary

Hilliard Elementary School

North Forest High School


El Paso ISD

Austin High School

Bowie High School

Burges High School

Jefferson High School

Galena Park

Galena Park High School


Stafford Municpal School District

Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

College of Education Career Summit for Displaced Teachers Summit

STEM Institute: Teacher Quality Retention Institute


Charter Schools

Victory Preparatory Academy - North Campus


Subcontract Projects Via:

STEMscopes (Rice University) 2013-Present

Trice Education Resources (Doris Trice) 2000-2012

C-STEM (Dr. Reagan Flowers) 2009-Present

Texas Tutor Professionals - 2012

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