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  • Professional development workshops and seminars

  • Student tutorials

  • Teacher coaching, training and mentoring

  • New teacher training and support

  • Motivational speaking

  • Non-evaluative classroom observations

  • Feedback for pedagogical improvement

  • Assessment development

  • Customized curriculum sequences

  • Curriculum alignment

  • Train the Trainer

  • Curriculum Design 


ED TODAY, LLC understands that the foundation for all learning comes from concrete experiences.  These experiences create the pillars of prior knowledge that cognitive growth and development can be built upon.  The nature of science innately houses opportunities for inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and many other process skills that are fundamental to basic knowledge acquisition in all subject areas.  Through hands-on experiences and inquiry based models, ETE trainings allow educators and students to delve into science content making cross-curricular connections.


ED TODAY, LLC, is a multi-faceted consulting company with expertise in the area of science. E.T. Enterprises provides services while partnering with school districts, schools, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, students, and educational agencies.


E.T.Enterprises was founded in 2002 by Lea Rutherford. Lea Rutherford is a native of Southern California currently living in Sugar Land, Texas, with 20+ years of industry experience.

Facts about Assessment

Current Research States: (1) when state assessment scores are less than 49% of the state average, additional support is needed to reinforce the curriculum and (2) when state assessment scores range from 50% to 75% of the state average, additional support is needed to reinforce instruction. Luckily, E.T.Enterprises offers products and services that facilitate initiatives intended to address such situations.

In the Classroom


Fantastic hands-on innovative experiences designed for teachers.


Bonita Morgan

Principal, Jean Hines Caldwell Elementary School



"Great Presenter!

E. T. Enterprises’ professional development and workshops were a breath of fresh air.  Hands-on experiences and cognitive learning were great contributors to our students’ academic success.


Lizbeth Allen

Assistant Principal.



     I'm gonna tell all my friends about this camp so they can come next year.


-YaaAnn,  5th grade student




That was the best camp in the world."  After attending two days of school she says, "Ok, when do we go back to science camp again?


-Damiah, age 4



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